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Ludovic Dulou

Life saving - Stand-Up - Surfing

About our rider
Waterman and life saver
Favorite spots : Hendaye and Guetaria

Ludovic Dulou is a member of the exclusive Watermen Club, which brings together men who share a unique culture originating from coastal rescue, united by their passion for the sea and for challenging themselves. Ludovic is proud to be from Gascony, halfway between the regions of the Pyrenees and Aquitaine. After spending his childhood in Grignols, this rugby man’s son and truck farmer’s grandson has always felt strongly attached to the land, which brings back fond memories of fishing and hunting. But he is drawn to the water above all: he realized this at the age of 6 or 7 when he found that the only way to soothe his hyperactivity was by staying under the water in a swimming pool. Later on, he discovered the Australian lifeguard culture and started working hard to save lives, which naturally led him to participate in the Waterman competition. His trip to Polynesia in 1997 strengthened his relationship with the sea: he took on board the values of the local population who lives from and for the ocean, fishing, surfing, paddling… This experience motivated him to take part in prestigious competitions against some of the best lifeguards in the world. And since then, the awards just keep coming: Ludovic Dulou is three-time European champion of long distance Paddle Boarding, three-time champion of the Ocean Man International in Capbreton (2006,2007,2008) and two-time champion in his category of the legendary Molokaï competition in Hawaii. His trip to Polynesia shaped his vision of the world, to such an extent that upon returning to France, he set up his own organization which offers aqua endurance training in the legendary surfing hotspot of Belharra.

The Teulade brothers

Stand-Up - Surfing

About our rider
Favorite spots : Fuerteventura and la Côte bleue, France

As the children of two sports teachers, Jérémy and Ludovic Teulade discovered water sports at a very young age. Their father, the former coach of the French Water Polo team, passed on the culture of winning and excelling to his two sons. Their faces are very familiar amongst SUP fans, who are used to seeing these remarkable competitors up on the podium. The two brothers quickly made a name for themselves in the world of stand up paddleboarding: “the Teulade brothers”. “If I ever mess up a race, I know that my brother will be up on the podium representing the family”. This makes them particularly tricky opponents for their rivals, who see them as double trouble. Paddleboarding allows them to enjoy a diverse range of pleasures. Thanks to their childhood, which was spent on the banks of Lake Geneva, the Teulade brothers are particularly good at flat-water racing. “Now we live in the Mediterranean. We make the most of the mistral wind to perfect our downwind technique, and use paddleboards to explore the islands off the Blue Coast”. This rich coastal diversity enables our two ambassadors to be serious competitors on all types of water, whilst allowing them to experience all the joys of stand up paddleboarding in an idyllic setting.

Julie Dumoulin

SUP Yoga

About our rider
A life of travels
Favorite spots : Lérins islands, France

Sporty, inspiring, entrepreneurial… There are many words to describe this SUP Yoga enthusiast. Julie grew up in Bandol in the Var region, before moving to Cannes at the age of 10 to join the prestigious Classe Rosella Hightower dance academy. Freedom-loving Julie soon became “determined to make the most of each day and to live life to the full”. This naturally led her to make a career out of her passion. She later launched her Happyndgood application, which became one of the most downloaded wellness apps in just a matter of months. She spends most of her days doing yoga, and living close to the Mediterranean led her to take up SUP Yoga. “I love practicing on a paddleboard early in the morning just opposite my house, in Moure Rouge bay, facing the Lérins Islands”. An ideal setting for “being at one with the board, letting yourself flow with the current and finding your balance when there is a slight swell”. But Julie does not stop at the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, she gives her life meaning by travelling the world. Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, California, Cuba are just some of the places she has visited, discovering new flavours and meeting new people along the way. Travelling is conducive to the open-mindedness and sense of sharing that she advocates on a daily basis. These values are particularly important for the OXBOW brand, which has chosen her as a muse for the SUP Yoga collection.