Stand up paddle in the middle of a storm against pollution in the Mediterranean Sea !

Articles - 28-03-2019

The crossing France to Corsica in Stand Up Paddle and extreme conditions to raise awareness of the plastic pollution of the Mediterranean Sea. 


“We are Ludovic and Jérémy Teulade, two brothers from the south of France and professional Stand Up Paddle athletes. We will achieve one of the greatest exploits of our sport to raise public awareness about pollution in the Mediterranean Sea and we need you !


We started the stand up paddle in the Mediterranean Sea and more precisely on the “Côte Bleue”. Today, we travel around the world to compete, practice and share our passion. We spend our lives on the water, we have the chance to see incredible landscapes but we are unfortunately witnessing the increase of plastic in the sea. We often paddle in the Mediterranean Sea and we have seen how polluted it is. According to WWF, it has a plastic concentration four times higher than the plastic continent in the Pacific Ocean.



We want to take on a challenge that is extreme, sportive and important to us. 
We want to make a stand up paddle crossing of about 200 km from France to Corsica, with a 100 km/h Mistral wind ! In the middle of this ragging sea and a 5-6m swell, when the cruse ships remain in port, we will go on  foot boards to face the elements. A relay crossing of almost our 20 hours in extreme conditions.


Vulnerable Men – Indestructible Plastic


With the exceptional challenge (wich would be the biggest downwind in the hstory of SUP) we hope to attract the interest of the biggest media in France and around the world and thus raise public awarness of the state of Mediterranean Sea.

During the crossing, for each kilometre covered, we will donate the sum of 5€ to the association “Water Family – Du Flocon à la Vague” wich raises awarness of water protection among the Younger générations. Their motto : Inform, Educate, Preserve. Through sporting events innatural environments, this French association is based on a simple observation : our planet is sublime, we must preserve it. 



Crowdfunding : let’s go to !


This project requires significant funds : development of specific boards, rental of a boat and a team of professionnals to ensure our safety, cameraman and photographer to document this adventure… Our sponsors OXBOW and Toms are financing part of the project. We need an additional 5,000 € and we are partnering with our sponsors OXBOW, Toms and SeventyOne to reward your gesture.


In addition to the 5€ donated to the association for each kilometre covered by the sea, if we are Lucky enough to exceed 5,000 € thanks to you, the entire excess will be donated directly to the Water Family Association.

Thank You for your Help and go to !


Jerémy & Ludovic.”

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