SUPin’ New York : a stand up paddleboard movie with the Teulade Brothers

Articles - 26-10-2017

City life meets SUP life with an international twist when French Stand Up Paddleboard athletes Jeremy and Ludovic Teulade take their paddling to the Big Apple for one of the most unique SUP races in the USA. Sea Paddle NYC is an award-winning 40 km charity race around the island of Manhattan which raises money for the Surfer’s Environmental Alliance.  For four hours the Teulade brothers and fellow participants battled strong currents, 15 knot winds and disorganized water, making it one of the their most physically and mentally challenging races yet.  Paddling with skyline views of downtown NYC, flashing lights and city sounds, makes urban paddleboard racing a unique experience. 

It was here in New York where the new Oxbow video series called “SUPin” was born – an urban exploration by land and sea featuring Oxbow and the Teulade brothers.  New York is the first episode in the series, subscribe to the Oxbow YouTube channel and stay on top of all new releases! 

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