Video. The winter season of Teulade Brothers in Canary Islands.

Articles - 04-05-2017

Our team riders Jeremy and Ludovic went to Canary Islands this winter to get ready for their season.

It was the occasion for the two champions to test their new boards Oxbow SUP : The Oxbow Racer 12,6 x 26, for the race and Oxbow Peak 7,8 x 27 for the waves. They also used the inflatable board Oxbow Explore 12,6 x 30 to discover the surrounding area, especially traditional village and new spots ! 

Tasty food, good climate, various waves, beautiful landscape, hidden spots… But the two French riders were not the only ones to take advantage of the Canaries’ conditions ! They have indeed met a lot of European competitors such as Italians, Germans or Spanish riders. 

Jeremy and Ludovic really enjoyed the weather, the waves and the landscapes of the archipelago and both are now more than ready for upcoming competitions !

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